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Digital Goods Campaign is now available!

The Digital Goods Campaign will be available from 1 April 2023 to 10 May 2023!
You can earn the digital points by playing with『CHUNITHM SUN』during this period.
Earn as many points as you can to redeem the fabulous digital items before they are gone!

You can earn 1 point by 1 play (3 songs for single player, 4 songs for multiplayers).
You also can earn the digital points by using the additional credits to purchse premium TICKET.
For exmaple:
If you purchase 「MAP PROGRESS×2」TICKET, you can get 2 points.
If you purchase 「MAP PROGRESS×3」TICKET, you can get 3 points.

※You can redeem the song「4月1日でございました」for once only.
※The song 「4月1日でございました」will be available in the Song List later on.
※You can redeem each original character for once only.
※You will not be able to earn digital points through FREE PLAY.
※When you experience network error or other issue while purchasing the premium TICKET and the TICKET does not be saved correctly, even if you receive the TICKET correctly in next Play, the digital points will not be added.

<How to Redeem the Digital Goods>

■Login CHUNITHM-NET, press the Campaign banner which locates on the TOP page.

■Press the 「EXCHANGE」button of the item which you want to exchange.
※If you have already exchanged particular item(s) or if you do not have enough points to exchange the item(s), the 「EXCHANGE」 button will be invaild.
※You can view your available digital points within the page.

■Make sure you have selected the correct item and then press 「Issue a campaign code」button.

※Once you have pressed the button, you will be given a campaign code but you do not need to input the serial code.

■Select「Gifts」which locates on the TOP page of CHUNITHM-NET and view the exchanged item(s).
You will be able to get the item(s) once you play with 『CHUNITHM SUN』.