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『CHUNITHM SUN PLUS』Details of 10/26 Update

Here is a summary of 『CHUNITHM SUN PLUS』 updates on October 26th, 2023!

New Songs!

Following songs will be available from October 26th, 2023!

Additional “Cabinet-to-Cabinet Play” Rewards!

For a limited time (10/26 ~ 11/15), by getting “C-to-C Point”, you can get the following new rewards!

New Area in 「オンゲキ Chapter3 【Seasons in KANADEZAKA」 MAP!

New area will be added to the 「オンゲキ Chapter3 【Seasons in KANADEZAKA」 MAP from October 26th, 2023!
In 「オンゲキ Chapter3 【Seasons in KANADEZAKA」 MAP, you can play the following song as Task Track!

New Area in 「イロドリミドリ ~ 途惑いのクリスマス編MAP!

New area will be added to the 「イロドリミドリ ~ 途惑いのクリスマス編」 MAP from October 26th, 2023!
By advancing through the MAP, you can get “Avatar Costume with  萩原 七々瀬 motif”!

Avatar costume(Map)

Head:萩原 七々瀬の頭
Wear:萩原 七々瀬の服