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New Elements in「CHUNITHM LUMINOUS」International Version

Introduction of the New Elements in CHUNITHM LUMINOUS International Version which starts from 21 March 2024 (THU)!

Please view the Important Information which we have shared earlier.

New Features in「CHUNITHM LUMINOUS」International Version



・You can collect the balloons by clearing the missions. Based on the balloon number you have collected, you can receive some special rewards.

※The balloon number will not be deducted even you have received the special reward(s).

※All missions will be on-going at the same time. 

※The time limited special rewards may return in the future.




・You can check the Missions status within TOTAL RESULT. You can also check the status within Category Selection by pressing the 「MISSION」button.



  ■Second Play BONUS

・You will be able to receive a「AVATAR COSTUME」after your second play in CHUNITHM LUMINOUS International version within the day!

※The 「AVATAR COSTUME」you can get in Second Play BONUS will be the same as AVATAR CHANCE.

※If you already have the AVATAR COSTUME, it will be changed to in-game currency automatically.

※If you play CHUNITHM for the second time within a day, you will be able to get the「AVATAR COSTUME」bonus.

※You may collect the Second Play BONUS before JST 1:59a.m. in the next morning. 

Otherwise the BONUS will be removed automatically afterwards.

(The BONUS content will be reset after the daily maintanence period everyday. )



  ■AJC Mark/ New Clear Mark Color

・A higher Clear Mark which is higher than ALL JUSTICE has been added – 「AJC」(ALL JUSTICE CRITICAL)Mark. You will be able to get the AJC once your score reaches 1010000! 

・CATASTROPHY and SSS+ clear marks will become rainbow color.

※If your score of certain songs have already reached 1010000 in 「CHUNITHM SUN PLUS International version」, those songs will automatically change to AJC when carrying on to the new version.

※「AJC」will also be given in COURSE MODE. 「SSS+」will be in rainbow color.



   ■About the ExTAP Notes

・If ExTAP starting position is completely overlapped with the HOLD/SLIDE, the TAP notes in HOLD/ SLIDE starting position will be changed to ExTAP. This will be applied to all notes design. 

※If the HOLD/ SLIDE starting position is not completely overlapped with ExTAP or if the rhythm is not the same, it will not be changed to ExTAP. 

※The total notes amount of all notes design will remain the same.

※The 【Ex】within the NOTES DESIGNER will be removed.


  ■Adjustments in Daily Bonus

・Certain names within the Daily Bonus will be changed.

※The details of Character EXP UP will remain the same.

Name changes within the Daily Bonus
Before After
Character EXP UP Character EXP×1.5


Several adjustments have been occured within the new version.

・Within the Song sorting, the name of the version sorting category will display each version name.  

・Increased the maximun gauge amount. (EXPERT will be more than 8, MASTER and ULTIMA will be more than 10.)

・When progressing a MAP, you can choose to skip no matter which TICKET you are using. (You cannot use the skp feature if you are not using a TICKET.)

・Within the TICKET Selection, the sorting order for those TICKETs which need additional credit(s) has been changed as below:






・The conditions within the Rating Possession have been adjusted.

 Rainbow:Strengthen the Rating conditions and Over Power conditions.

 Platimun:Lowered the Over Power requirement.

 Gold:Conditions remain the same.

 Silver:Conditions remain the same.

New Features in「CHUNITHM-NET」


Starting from「CHUNITHM LUMINOUS International version」, the 「CHUNITHM-NET」has been updated too!

Let us introduce the new features within 「CHUNITHM-NET」!




    You can view the CHUNITHM MISSION data within. You will be able to view the progress of the MAP too. 


   ■About the Team

Within the TEAM RANKING, you can view each team’s information or apply to join the team.

※You cannot apply in below situations:

You are not a standard member/ The team is not accepting any new members/ You are currently in a team/ You have applied to join another team/ The team is disbanded.



・Clear Mark display has been updated by adding below details:

New added details



   ■About the Song Ranking

The interface has been updated if you have ranked in the Song Ranking. 

※This update will not apply to the Team Ranking and Friend Ranking.